Our vineyard is true to its Fountaingrove AVA heritage as it is largely defined by its soil composition and high-elevation climate. Chelsea Vineyards’ soils are predominantly Sonoma Volcanics, the result of an eruption of the now-dormant Mount Saint Helena on the northern Sonoma-Napa County border more than 3 million years ago. This same eruption resulted in the Petrified Forest and Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga. The volcanic ash produced a variety of excellent, not overly rich, well-drained soils perfectly suited for growing high-quality grapes.

In addition to its distinctive soil, our vineyard also benefits from its unique high-elevation climate. Although Chelsea Vineyards is one of the most inland vineyards in the Sonoma County Fountaingrove AVA, the gap in the Sonoma Mountains at Santa Rosa allows for the maritime influence of cooler temperature to penetrate the Mayacamas Mountains. The vineyard also sees some warmer temperatures, however, because of its high elevation and proximity to Calistoga in the Napa Valley. This combination of cooler marine winds and more intense sun exposure leaves a lasting and memorable mark on whoever enjoys our wine.

Since our 2002 flagship vintage, we’ve been harvesting the grapes for Chelsea Vineyards wine from the same, premium bloc in the vineyard’s North Eastern corner. Sourcing from the same rows and the same vines, in combination with our focus on hand-sorting after harvest, helps us to ensure a high-quality wine that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Award-winning winemaker Ignacio Blancas has been with us since our second vintage in 2003. His attention to detail and commitment to quality are exemplified in the taste and longevity of our wines. He continues his commitment to being the best wine maker he can by continuing his education, completing certifications and attending seminars on wine making and the wine business throughout his career.

With 125 years of experience, we could trust no one more than the Saviez family with our vineyard management. A dedicated team, lead by owner Paul Saviez, maintains the health and beauty of the vineyard. Saviez Vineyard Management has been with us since inception, overseeing the design and planting of the vineyard in 1999.

Enjoy this gallery of our wines!