Established in 1999, Chelsea Vineyards has a location as unique as its award-winning single vineyard, single varietal wines. Chelsea Vineyards is located in Calistoga, the Northern most town in the beautiful Napa Valley. Flanked by the Palisades Mountains to the East and the Mayacamas Mountains to the West, Calistoga is known for its “hot springs, cool wines, and warm welcomes” in the heart of Napa wine country. You will see on our bottles, however, that we produce Sonoma County wine. How is this possible?

Our five acre parcel of land is just a ‘corks throw’ past the Napa County/Sonoma County line and at the epicenter of four of California’s most exciting American Viticulture Areas (AVAs): Knights Valley, Diamond Mountain, Calistoga, and Fountain Grove. As the AVA powers at be would have it, we are the North-Eastern most vineyard in one of Sonoma County’s newest AVAs: Fountain Grove.

Known for its “hillside vines, elevated wines” the Fountain Grove AVA is the perfect home for our truly unique vineyard. Towering 1,200 feet above Calistoga in the Mayacamas Mountains, our vineyard produces fruit that is bold and strong, true to its mountain heritage. Although a mountain vineyard, it does slumber in a slight basin. This small valley in the mountains creates a cool temperature pocket that brings acidity, finesse, and delicacy to the fruit. The vineyard’s distinct terroir, in combination with the care of Saviez Vineyard Management and the craft of winemaker Ignacio Blancas, brings you our timeless and unforgettable Chelsea Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon and Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The judges at the San Francisco International Wine Competition can vouch for us; they just awarded our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon a Double Gold at this year’s competition. Read more about one of the world’s most prominent and influential wine competitions, and see the list of winners, here.